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WoTW – World Champion Non Stanford


A question many of us ask is ‘how does a World Champion train?’ There must be a secret formula or a training programme which guarantees success. The reality is that there really is no exact blueprint to bring you a gold medal at the World Championships.

12-months ago Non wasn’t considered a senior title contender but she showed her world class credentials around the tough Casa de Campo Park, Madrid. The ‘Welsh rocket’ powered up the steep hill on the bike and left the rest of the field at sixes and sevens as they tried in vein to shorten the gap.

This remarkable strength has come from years of hard graft and specific training to cope with every eventuality in a race situation, but also finding a balance of maintaining the equilibrium between enjoyment and hard-work is just as important. Non says, ” I love getting back to what I know best. Last season we would run 5 x 1km with a fast 400 in the middle of the session, these specific sessions help to deal with sudden pace changes that are becoming a frequent feature in ITU women’s racing”.

Like many sessions there’s generally a twist. The 1km’s are broken down into two paces, the first 400 is at cruising pace, the second 400 is fifteen percent faster and the last 200 is back to cruising. Below is the exact session World Champion Non Stanford completed in the lead up to winning her title.

Interval Workout

5 x 1km as 400m cruise (74)

400m hard (64/5)

200m cruise (37)

400m recovery between reps


Watch highlights of Non’s race in Madrid