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WOTW – Jonny Hay


Before a 5km race I like to get some consistent training in and a session that I find works well for that is 3 – 4 x (1000, 600, 400) trying to hit the 1km at 64 pace. Its a tough session and one I find I need some company with to do but afterwards always feel positive and know I have worked hard. Up in Birmingham these sort of session are tough as I don’t train with the group that often as I am doing my coach Mick Woods sessions, although it is great when people jump in with me as there are some great guys around up here.

Away from what I would call a session as such I think my fast runs one of which i do on a Monday morning on the treadmill I find probably help my fitness the most. On the Monday as I say I do it on the treadmill with the university of Birmingham physiologist Alex Mcgregor who monitors my lactate and heart rate. I normally do this just over 5min miling for 40min with 10min easier on the front and at the end. Although the pace is dependent on how I am feeling.

Interval Workout

1k @ 64 second 400 pace = 2:40 per km

600 @ 62 second 400 pace = 1:33 per 600

400 @ sub 60 second pace.

Repeat the session 3 – 4 times.