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Workout of the week: Moller's 2-milers


Photo: Random House Australia 


Lorraine Moller was born in Putaruru, New Zealand. She competed internationally for 28 years, highlighted by an Olympic Bronze medal in the marathon at Barcelona in 1992. As well as running successfully at the Olympic Games, Moller also won 16 major marathons including Boston, Osaka and the Avon Womens’s World Marathon Championships.

During the base-building phase of training Moller would hit the asphalt roads in Eldorado Springs State Park in Colorado for a 2 mile tempo workout (threshold). For those who are not familiar with tempo running, it can be easily defined as running about 25 to 30 seconds per mile slower than current 5K race pace. If you are more fond of heart-rate monitors, Jack Daniels, Ph.D notes threshold is done at 90% of your maximum.

Workout Guidelines

Once on the trails Moller would run fast but controlled for the 2-mile distance, with her best average being 9:16 (4:38 per mile). The recovery distance was generous and slightly unorthodox at a 2-miles jog back to the start line. The reps were often run with this slight drop in elevation to help increase leg speed but the fall wasn’t enough to be considered as a downhill running workout, but just enough to give the feeling of ease, of running fast.

Tempo Workout

2 mile warm up

3 x 2 miles at tempo with a 2 mile jog back recovery

2 mile cool down

Moller states “When I could run under 10 minutes on the course, I knew my leg speed was where it needed to be. This was my favourite workout, but I loved all the running I did. I loved running on the track, loved long runs, loved running with other people, and loved running by myself. I enjoyed the variety. What was key to me was understanding the purpose of the workout. If I had that understanding then the workout was valuable and fun”.

Running Tough – Michael Sandrock