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Wave Rider 17 Product Review


Every running shoe has a unique selling point and its raison d’etre. Mizuno running shoes have always been synonymous with lightweight super-responsive trainers. This latest edition of the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 follows suit at 240 grams, which is less than a box of Yorkshire tea bags!

The most notable update from the previous model is the edition of the ‘U4ic’ (euphoric) midsole technology, which is 30% lighter than their previous AP+ midsole technology. Over the past couple of years Mizuno has lost ground on some of it’s competitors as they strive to release the best combination of a lightweight feel with inherent stability. This latest update securely affirms them as the ‘go to shoe’ in the lightweight running range.

Once out on the road you automatically feel the updates from the Rider 16, under the heel and around the heel-cup feels more secure and more like a traditional running shoe, but without the bulky feel which is often associated with it. One of the common observations in the predecessor was the unnatural shift from heel strike to toe off. To correct this, mizuno has beveled the lateral aspect (yellow bit!) of the forefoot, this will allow for a smoother ride (see image)



One of the great characteristics of this shoe is the wide and deep flex grooves, which increases the flexibility through the toe-off phase. In addition, the upper moves with your foot seamlessly throughout your stride, eliminating stress points and bunching for a more comfortable run. All these feature increase the level of comfort and reduce the likelihood of blisters and rubbing.

If you’re looking for a super-lightweight, well cushioned, neutral running shoe, the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 is a fantastic option for you. Our wear-test did uncover that the widening of the foot does mean if you have a slim foot you may be left floating around in the trainer. It is important to make the differentiation between well cushioned and soft, as they are not mutually exclusive. The U4ic midsole is well cushioned but it does offer a firmer ride, which means you’ll protect your body from the impact of running, as well as experiencing a responsive ride.