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Paula Radcliffe preparing for her last marathon


Paula Radcliffe preparing for her last marathon

Paula Radcliffe revealed in the up coming weeks she will be testing her fitness, and more crucially the foot injury which hampered her 2012 marathon hopes. The World Record holder of 2:15.25 has her heart set on finishing an illustrious career on her own terms.

“I would love to come back and run a marathon or even a half-marathon and just be able to finish my racing career on my terms,” she said. “Very few people get to do that. I’d just like the chance. I’d love it to be New York or London. This year in London is too soon but I’d probably only ask my foot to do one more marathon.”

As ever, Paula is levelled in her expectations. “I’m not being unrealistic,” she said. “I’m not thinking I can get back and run 2:15 but, if I could come back and run a sub 2:30 then I’d like to do it.” – Independent, Monday 03 February 2014

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