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Brooks Ravenna 5 Review


The latest update of the Ravenna 5 is a class act. This shoe is lightweight, supportive, and supremely cushioned. Brooks have taken the approach of combining their two cushioning materials, bioMOGO and DNA. This has created a responsive midsole that adapts to every stride, the more pressure put through the shoe, the more it gives back.

Our wear testers examined the Ravenna 5 through a variety of distances, terrains and sessions. During the analysis, we discovered it’s a solid option for those faster paced tempo runs, when you’re looking for that lightweight responsive trainer. It’s important to include though, for it’s primary purpose as a general mileage shoe, it’s one of our go to shoes.

Brooks have also upgraded a few other aspects of the shoe, notably the outsole grip. In the past, certain shoes have had trouble gripping when wet. Slipping being a common result. This issue seems to of been resolved with the Ravenna 5, this latest edition remains grounded on wet surfaces and even when mud was added to the equation, we found the grip levels were still higher than previous models.

The upper offers a plush and extremely comfortable fit. The toe box appears to have been widened to allow space for your toes to spread naturally without feeling baggy. The closure and heel cup felt secure and supportive, topping of another fantastic shoe from Brooks.

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