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Adrenaline GTS 14 Review



Considered by many as the Holy Grail of running shoes, the release of the Adrenaline GTS 14 has been widely anticipated by retailers, Brooks fans and the trade. We were extremely excited to take this industry favourite for a spin around the streets to see if the shoe could get any better.


First thing you notice when you unpack the shoe is there’s been some updates. One of the most sizeable modifications is the profile; Brooks has reduced the height of the rear foot support unit, bringing it closer to their flagship trainer the Trance. This has altered the level of support and the results of our gait analysis testing show the Adrenaline is slightly less stable than its predecessor.



We’ve always been huge fans of the Adrenaline’s fit, and if you love a shoe that hugs your foot, then you’ll love this shoe. The GTS 14 has been modernised and now includes 3D-fit print which first appeared on the Glycerin 11 last season. This offers a seamless construction and plush fit, and you really can feel the difference. The other notable update on the upper is the inclusion of their new lacing unit, which is designed to off-load any pressure across the top of the foot, which makes it super-comfy.

One of the major factors to building a successful running shoe is having a seamless transition from heel to forefoot, there’s nothing worse than feeling you’re running with a rock supporting your arch. This new lower profile trainer now includes the caterpillar crash pad, which extends from the heel all the way through the mid-foot, which really helps with making the transition flawless.

As soon as you put the Adrenaline on it feels incredibly soft and holds your foot securely. Like its predecessor, from the first stride you’ll trust the shoe will be able to deliver hundreds of miles without letting you down. Our only recommendations to avid Adrenaline fans is – the level of support has changed marginally, so get yourself down to a running specialist to check it’s still the suitable option for your foot type. Other than that, Run Happy.