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We wouldn’t be who we are without the support and kind words from everyone who has been to see us! Keep up the good running, we love hearing about your experience and helping you achieve your goals.


Absolutely fabulous service, had my new trainers fitted, you cant go many places and try on 4-5 different pairs, run in them and then have someone advise you further on which ones are best for your running style. Loving my new brooks thank you….’Terri’


My first visit to the run company and I feel I have been missing out! Great service great people and amazing products thank you so much for your advise my dream of running a marathon is now closer than I ever expected…. ‘Sarah’


I have just purchased my first pair of proper running trainers from these guys. After completing the couch to 5k course with Innovations Fitness I have carried on. James looked after me and took the time to make sure the trainers I left with were perfect for me. Great service, advice and such a good price my husband ended up with a pair as well. Thanks… ‘Paula’


New to running and hope to run a marathon next year. Needed advice on shoes and what sort I needed. After time on the treadmill, gait analysis and various shoe trials later, I left with a new pair of Brooks. Great service and just the info I needed. Thanks very much… ‘Stuart’


Just had my fitting for my second set of running shoes and despite taking my 2yr old son with me, the staff were really accommodating. Professional and knowledgeable team. Thank you… ‘Glenn’


Went in today to get some new running trainers as I have recently been suffering from an injury. The staff were amazing and so helpful! They knew their stuff and were really accommodating, making sure I was comfortable and that I definitely had the correct trainers. Couldn't have asked for a better service and will definitely be going back in future. Will recommend to all my friends…’Charlotte’


I've bought a few pairs of trainers from The Run Company over the past year or so (as well as some lovely clothing and accessories etc) and I have to say their service is second to none! James, Megan and the team are very thorough and so patient with me every time I come in (I must try on nearly every pair of trainers in my size that suits my gait when buying new ones!). Nothing seems too much trouble and they are more than happy to give their advice. You can't get this kind of service online, I definitely cannot recommend them highly enough…’Kirstee’