Product Colour Chart.

A list of colour options that are available to assign to a product - if there is a colour that is not here and needs adding then please let us know the name and the hex code of the colour.

Hex colour codes can be found by visiting Color-Hex and then selecting the colour from the colour picker (if you need help with this then please give us a shout).

  • Black

  • Dark Grey

  • Light Grey

  • Purple

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Dark Green

  • Light Green

  • Blue

  • Light Blue

  • Navy

  • Turquoise

  • Teal

  • Red

  • Pink

  • Fuschia

  • Nude

  • Brown


When adding colour options to a product, follow these steps.

Note - colours should be added even if the product only comes in one colour.

Step 1.

When on the product, select Attributes on the top bar.

Step 2.

Click the 'Add New Product Attribute' button.

Step 3.

'Attribute Name' should be type as Colour and the 'Display as' should be set to List (Radio List).

The 'Required' tick box should be left ticked.

Click the blue 'Save' button.

Step 4.

Now to add the colour options. Click the 'New Option' button on the newly added Colour table.

'Option Name' needs to be one of the colours from the chart above and should start with a capital letter for consistency. If the product has two prominent colours then this is assigned by placing a slash between two of the colour chart options. Example - if the product is predominantly green then this should be simply typed in as Green. If the product is predominantly green and orange, this should be typed in as Green/Orange. Maximum of two colours can be assigned.

'Image' must be assigned, this should be the product image in the relevant colour(s).

'Currency/Price' only needs to be assigned if there is a price difference for that particular colour. This is entered by typing UK/ and then the differnce in price. Example - if the Green/Orange options costs an extra £2 then this is type in as UK/2.00.

Click 'Save'.

Step 4 should be repeated if the product comes in several colourways.


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