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Review: Brooks Transcend


By Harry Boughton

As a child inspired by electricity, time travel and space (see also: polo necks, Toy Story and Dip Dabs) it took a long time for me to accept the inevitability that a seven year old my exploration into the unknown wouldn’t stretch much further than GU9. My hopes were lifted a little in 2004 with the announcement of Branson’s Virgin Galactic enterprise, but quickly squashed by the $250,000 price tag. It wasn’t until a spaceship touched down on Alton Sports’ doorstep (literally a spaceship) that my childhood dreams were finally becoming a reality. The world and I had found a compromise – if I couldn’t go to space, space would come to me.

Bright, sharp and almost intelligent-looking, the new Brooks Transcend had landed. With its coral-orange colour way it oozed that futuristic, space shuttle aura. Initially I was concerned as to how bulky they might feel as its uniquely shaped outsole looked large – a stark comparison to the anatomically designed outsole of Brooks’ Pure Project which I’ve always got on well with. However, as soon as I put them on their size didn’t seem so much of a problem; they felt light, incredibly plush, cushioned and comfortable. Now it was time to run.

I had a read through of the tech-y business so I knew what to look out for – the outsole designed to disperse pressure evenly across the whole foot, the Guidance Rails acting like subtle stabilisers to keep you running straight and true and the new cushioning system boasting an extra 25% of their BioMoGo DNA. These features were all evident and all seemed to be working brilliantly. I usually run in a guidance shoe – a Brooks Defyance, Asics 1000 etc – and the guidance rails seemed to be doing their job. I’m someone who doesn’t like to feel the support within a shoe, but know it’s there, so these seemed to be perfect as the support couldn’t be less intrusive. The cushioning was excellent and left my feet feeling supple and fresh and the initial uncertainty about the outsole, dismissed. Their cumbersome appearance never crossed my mind, I could only think of how soft and plush these felt on my feet. In short, they felt great; no extra bulk, no extra weight, just innate stable comfort.

If you’re looking for something new with unprecedented comfort to let you take off, explore and carry you home the Transcend might just be the rocket to take you on that journey.