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Farah content with Marathon move


Farah content with Marathon move

Mo Farah positive it’s the right time to step up to the Marathon as he prepares for his London debut by warming up with the New York Half Marathon on Sunday.

As Farah prepares for his biggest challenge yet, he faces scrutiny from one of the greats, Haile Gebrselassie. The Ethiopian feels Mo may be stepping up too early.

“He has very good speed if he stayed a bit longer on the track. The marathon you can do anytime. He is only 30 and I don’t know why he moved to it so quickly.

“If I was him and had that speed, I would stay on the track longer.”

After having a perfect 2012 where Farah become a double Olympic gold medalist he is now looking for his next challenge as he eyes the 26.2 mile distance.

“I’ve won medals on the track so why not test myself,” Farah told BBC Sport.

“If I’m good in London, then I’ll do it a couple more times – if not I’ll come back to the track.”